Douglas James Training T & C's
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  Revision Material
Douglas James Training - Revision

• Guidance notes for the AFA Coursework unit - £95.00
• For the AFA Exam unit, an outline exam report + guidance notes - £125.00
• Sets of our exam-style questions - £30.00
• All material is e-mailed

DiPFA FSRE: Exam-style questions + full explanations for the answers
DiPFA AFA Coursework Guidance Notes
7th May 2024 Submission
DipFA AFA Outline Exam Report + Guidance Notes 18th January 2024 Exam
DipFA AFA Exam Course - 15th March 2024
for 11th April 2024 Exam

CeMAP1 Exam-Style Questions
2023/24 Syllabus

CeMAP2 Exam-Style Questions
2023/24 Syllabus

CeMAP3 Exam-Style Case Studies
2023/24 Syllabus

CeRER Exam-Style Questions
2022/23 Syllabus

Cert LTCP Exam-Style Questions + Full Explanations

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